Sunday, September 03, 2006


The EZ baby surprize jacket is finished! The photo on the left is taken, I think Tuesday afternoon. The completed photos will come later due to poor lighting. The rain is nicely and softly coming down, causing much greyness. It was supposed to be a knit-a-long, but I got carried away and started it last Sunday. It took just a few days to knit this. The Spun-Out pattern was easy to understand; however, the written pattern left some calculating and planning on my part. Ellen calls this reconnaissance knitting. I've made some notes, so that anyone else kniting this with the knit-a-long can have detailed knitting instructions. The general idea is the same, but I've made very slight modifications to fit my needs. I hope others might find this helpful. I WILL be knitting this again, soon. I'll probably start the next one with the knit-a-long.

I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Tuscany. It required just over one skein. The total weight of the jacket came out to 2.85 oz (each skein of Lorna's Shepherd Sport is about 2.5 oz). I may knit my next one using Harrisville Shetland. I happen to have 2 skeins available, in natural and dark grey. It'll look nice striped.

I am heading back to knitting the Wing of the Moth shawl. I hope to have that finished this month, along with the myster shawl 3 (square shawl). I have a recipient lined up for this shawl.

Guess what I got in the mail?? My friend, the Spinner, sent me 2 4plus oz skeins of handspun Finn. It is gorgeous!! I'll be swatching soon. Did you hear that? Swatching! Yes, I will do this the traditional way: swatch, then get a pattern together for the mittens that these are destined to be. The spinner will be receiving the Trellis Scarf, as soon as I've cast on and knit it. (Did you hear that strange sound? was me laughing!)

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Ellen said...

OOOH I can't wait to see the finished version! Will you be bringing it tonight? I hope?!