Sunday, May 06, 2007

A New Place

Well, since the last post I have moved to a new home in a different state. I'm back in the Mid-West to be closer to my folks and the in-laws, not to mention my new niece. I'm close enough to get to them in an emergency, but not so close that they are living in my house. You all know how that goes.

Knitting should continue, but the weather here is quite a bit different. I left Maine around the same time juju did; we left some awesome knitters at our LYSs. I hope to find folks here to knit with, but I think my schedule will be quite different than before. I did do some stash enhancement before leaving town. Once all the yarn and paraphernalia were packed, I needed something to see and touch. I invested in some cashmere lace, sock yarn, etc.

More to come later.

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